How to Benchmark Your Javascript?

This is a quick tutorial on how to benchmark your javascript with console.time(“arg”) and console.timeEnd(“arg”) You would use developer tools to see how fast your script runs. Example Code: Array.prototype.proto1 = function(){}; Array.prototype.proto2 = function(){}; Array.prototype.proto3 = function(){}; Array.prototype.proto4 = function(){}; Array.prototype.proto5 = function(){}; var objectLateral = { arrayBank: [‘Some random string’, ‘Other String’, ‘More…

This is Example Code of php Inheritance

This is example code of php inheritance parents and child. extend is the keyword to inherit from the parent class.   <?php abstract class Shape { protected $color; public function __construct($color = ‘blue’) { $this->color = $color; } public function getColor() { return $this->color; } abstract protected function getArea(); } class Square extends Shape {…

Super Mario World – Game



A – Jump
S – Fireball

Arrow Keys to Move

I do not own mario, mario is copyrighted by nintendo. This is only for educational and for fun purposes only. This game is not hosted by me. This is just iframe. It is hosted by