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I do not own copyright to sonic, Sonic is owned by SEGA. This is here only for education purposes. This game is hosted and iframe linked from

How to Reformat Your Computer to Windows Xp

This is tutorial on how to reformat your computer with windows xp. You would need to put the windows xp cd on the cd drive. Then have your bios boot into cd.

The follow the props. In this sandbox I used virtual machine to install windows.

Why you ask am I doing this? Certain programs don’t work on the new windows 8, example audio vst plugins. Audio vst plugins love windows XP. I don’t know why. In the near future lots of awesome plugins will be written for VST 2 and 3. But at the time of writing this none has shown up before. In addition, why reinvent the wheel when it works. Yes, in programming refactoring is big one, but this is not refactoring. This is sound engineering.

How to Maximize your Cable Internet Speed


I’m using time warner cable. Do I recommend people buy their own cable modems yes. It’s easy install. All you do is install it regularly and open internet explorer. Then go through the prompts. But you have to get the plan too. We are going to go over how to maximize your cable internet speed buy buying the correct modem and the fastest modem, so one can download at the speed of light.

You should get your own modem because it’s more responsive and the network is upgrade to different frequencies and wires.

If that doesn’t work call your ISP and give them the mac address of your modem.

Recommend cable modems: $69.95 45mb down 5mb up (8 channel) $99.99 100mbs down 10mb up (16 channel) $99.99 300mbs down 30mb up (16 channel)

This is for only Customers in the United States.

I hope this was informative and helps with you download faster with your current internet speeds being slow. If your having issues with your internet, it’s probably the router or cable modem acting funny. Always buy new computer hardware and highly rated computer hardware. You do not want to compromise your internet experience.

This is sample post

This is my first post on my blogger. So I got this thing working took me a good 2 hours to get this website up and running. I hope. To create more content for it. Hopefully this website will be awesome.