How to Setup a squid3 proxy with username and password

This is a tutorial on how to set up a username and password on your squid 3 proxy for ubuntu.

How this proxy useful. It’s to tunnel all the though to your network to usa for example skype or anything in your native country while your in foreign country. Plus you can visit american websites with the ip ranges here.

Squid uses

Cache — The SQUID Proxy Server can Cache web files from all eb Requests and then transefer those chaced files locally if another host requests the same file
ACL Control — Access Control Lists allow you to specify whether certain websites can be accessed.
Bypass Web filters — You can connect to a Proxy Server on a different network to bypass Web Filers on your LAN

Squid Configuration Setup on Server Setup (Note: These steps are shown using Ubuntu 14.04 Server Edition. The basic steps are the same on all Linux distributions, but the actual commands may be slightly different. Please just use Google to find the correct commands if these do not work for you.):
To Install SQUID:

sudo apt-get install squid

To edit SQUID Configuration File:

sudo nano /etc/squid3/squid.conf

To Allow Access to the SQUID Server from Hosts Change:

http_access deny all

http_access allow all

Restart SQUID Service after any configuration changes: sudo service squid3 restart

To Configure Internet Explorer (Note: Proxy Server Configurations are set within Internet Explorer for the Entire System. Even if you use Chrome you still need to change the settings in IE) :
Open Internet Explorer and Go to Tools
Select Internet Options
Select Connections Tab
Click LAN Settings Button
Type in username and password if there is one.
Select Checkbox under Proxy Server Settings and enter the Proxy Servers IP Address, and the port number SQUID is using. (The port number default is 3128)
Click OK

Basic squid conf

sudo nano /etc/squid3/squid.conf instead of the super bloated default config file

auth_param basic program /usr/lib/squid3/basic_ncsa_auth /etc/squid3/passwords
auth_param basic realm proxy
acl authenticated proxy_auth REQUIRED
http_access allow authenticated
http_port 3128 # or whatever you like

Please note the basic_ncsa_auth program instead of the old ncsa_auth

Setting up a user

sudo htdigest -c /etc/squid3/passwords realm_you_like username_you_like

and enter a password twice for the chosen username then

sudo service squid3 restart

Super Mario World – Game



A – Jump
S – Fireball

Arrow Keys to Move

I do not own mario, mario is copyrighted by nintendo. This is only for educational and for fun purposes only. This game is not hosted by me. This is just iframe. It is hosted by

Sonic The Hedgehog Game



Copyright Notice:

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How to Reformat Your Computer to Windows Xp

This is tutorial on how to reformat your computer with windows xp. You would need to put the windows xp cd on the cd drive. Then have your bios boot into cd.

The follow the props. In this sandbox I used virtual machine to install windows.

Why you ask am I doing this? Certain programs don’t work on the new windows 8, example audio vst plugins. Audio vst plugins love windows XP. I don’t know why. In the near future lots of awesome plugins will be written for VST 2 and 3. But at the time of writing this none has shown up before. In addition, why reinvent the wheel when it works. Yes, in programming refactoring is big one, but this is not refactoring. This is sound engineering.

How to Maximize your Cable Internet Speed


I’m using time warner cable. Do I recommend people buy their own cable modems yes. It’s easy install. All you do is install it regularly and open internet explorer. Then go through the prompts. But you have to get the plan too. We are going to go over how to maximize your cable internet speed buy buying the correct modem and the fastest modem, so one can download at the speed of light.

You should get your own modem because it’s more responsive and the network is upgrade to different frequencies and wires.

If that doesn’t work call your ISP and give them the mac address of your modem.

Recommend cable modems: $69.95 45mb down 5mb up (8 channel) $99.99 100mbs down 10mb up (16 channel) $99.99 300mbs down 30mb up (16 channel)

This is for only Customers in the United States.

I hope this was informative and helps with you download faster with your current internet speeds being slow. If your having issues with your internet, it’s probably the router or cable modem acting funny. Always buy new computer hardware and highly rated computer hardware. You do not want to compromise your internet experience.

This is sample post

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