CPU Overheating? How to tell and How to fix it

I am going to show you how to lower the temperature of your overheating computer when gaming. First you get a tool to check what temperatures your computer is while gaming or at full load. The software of choice is HWmonitor it’s my favorite software that shows how hot your CPU and GPU is. It takes very little resources.

From there I would run benchmark like Fortnite because that game uses a lot of system resources.

What is the Ideal CPU/GPU temperature while Gaming?

  • 100 Danger
  • 80C Hot (100% Load)
  • 75C Warm
  • 70C Warm (Heavy Load)
  • 60C Norm
  • 50C Norm (Medium Load)
  • 40C Norm
  • 30C Cool (Idle)

Things you can do

  • Clean your computer case // Use canned air to blow out the dust
  • Repaste your CPU and GPU with better thermal paste
  • Change your power options settings


Next click > Change advanced Settings

Minimum processor state: 5% // CPU usage when idle keep at 5% you don’t need more than that
System cooling Policy: Active
Maximum processor state: 95% // This will underclock your cpu by 5% decrease in performance

If all of this doesn’t help you reduce the temperature of your CPU/GPU consider getting different forms of cooling. Albeit better heatsink or A/C for your home. You can open the side case of your computer case and have a huge fan blow cool air into it. I know not everyone has the luxury of A/C.

For thermal paste I recommend Artic MX 4

ARCTIC MX-4 Thermal Compound Paste, Carbon Based High Performance, Heatsink  Paste, Thermal Compound CPU for All Coolers


Note: Must Have Nvidia Graphics Card

Install MSI Afterburner and increase the fan curve.

Click the Gear ICON