I made my first Game With TeamTreehouse and Unity Engine

I made my first game with the Teamtreehouse course. It’s basically a game based on C# and coding. He goes over how to write a game in the Unity Engine step by step. I added my own functionality to game such as quitting the game with esc. In addition, starting the game with up, and return key. Nick doesn’t go over that.

The course goes over programming, mixing, audio, and building the game. The only thing the class doesn’t go over is how to create 3D graphics, you would probably need a 3D artist to do that. The assets are provided such as the frog, bird, flies, map, and audio. This game is basically a pick up the coins kind of game, but there is an enemy the bird. The bird can eat you and you lose.


My setup for this course is two dual monitors and i7 computer. I would not be able to follow these courses as fast if I didn’t have dual monitors. Basically, I would have one side with the videos and one side with me following along and working.

So do I recommend this course and Teamtreehouse for programming? Yes, I’m fan. But don’t be afraid to supplement your learning with youtube, books, and other online courses. Learning never stops in the programming world. I can’t recommend enough to learn the core languages php, mysql, ruby, python, css, html, and javascript. Libraries and frameworks come and go.

Since, dabbled in other programming languages figuring out object orient programming was kind of tricky. I didn’t understand what was happening under the hood, but I used the scripts anyway and made it work. The text editor in Unity Engine is great. I didn’t have to debug much. Intellisense rocks.

Anyways. If you found this review awesome. Please use my referral link below to learn code first 2 weeks free:

You can try out my game below:
Windows Build
Mac Build